Dave Hackett Slash

$69.00 Sold Out

Deathbox got together with H-Street and issued this Hackett Slash collaboration Park & Pool deck. The artwork was originally done by Marc McKee for a benefit to raise money for the Hackman when he recovered from a serious bout with cancer a number of years ago. It was then issued on a popsicle board and didn’t really show the whole graphic as drawn by Marc.

We love his artwork and saw an opportunity to add this to the Deathbox line and put this amazing artwork on a board that Hackett can actually ride.

The Hackett Slash is made on the H-Street Supreme Concave with the Thick Bitch layup of 5-2, which will support the gnarliest, heaviest duty pool skaters out there.

It comes with Watsons famous hand silk screening. This is a very limited run.