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Back in 1982 Dave “Hackman The Gnar” Hackett created the first radical cutaway Rockett Board using a 32X10” Flat 7 ply deck. He rode that deck in Hawaii on a trip to Kaui on the Blue “Jesus Rules” Halfpipe back in the 70’s. He tried to produce these decks commercially but never had a good board company who would do them until 2015, when Jim at Watson Lam got into the game and the Rockett was made under the Deathbox label.

In 2018, Hackett made an update of the shape and specs for the Deathbox Hackett Signature Rockett 2 boards, which are made in a limited quantity, handmade at Watson Lam with 100% Hardrock Maple, laminated with the Strongest “THICK BITCH®” wood construction & glue, hand silkscreened with Supreme Concave, made for performance Park&Pool riding!


34 X 10 / NOSE 6.25 / TAIL 7.1 / WHEELBASE 16.5