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The term “DEATHBOX” is Heavily associated with Hardcore Skateboarding. “Back in the Day” in Skateboarding refers to a time in the Mid 70’s when Pool Riding was the pinnacle of Hardcore Gnarly Skateboarding. Legend has it that the term “RADICAL” was coined when someone Grinded their back truck for the first time over the DEATHBOX IN A POOL!

Fast forward to the 20th Century- DEATHBOX Skateboards was born from Dave Hackett’s Pool Riding missions and vision for true hardcore skateboarding. Dave grew up in Malibu, skating with the likes of Venice locals Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Wentlz Ruml and the rest of the Dogtown crew. Part of this legendary crew was Steve Olson, who grew up in Seal Beach. In the late 90’s many of these Legendary riders Joined Forces in launching DEATHBOX Skateboards.

Through it all, Hackett and Olson have been a Legendary Two Man Force to be reckoned with in countless Skate Scenes and contests. Their influence on style in the Skate Industry is immeasurable. They have once again come together to create one of the greatest custom Fine Art High Performance Decks EVER to be produced- The new DEATHBOX Steve Olson White Death Stinger measures in at 9.5” X 33.3” with a 15.5” Wheel Base, this deck was Designed by the man himself, “The Most Interesting Man in the Skateboard World”.

The Limited Edition deck comes complete with Steve’s latest Fine Art work that is transferred to the board with a unique silk-screen / transfer ink combination, all handmade in San Diego by Watson Lam, with a lasered series and numbered mark. Only 100 of the A Series are made.


9.5 X 33.3 / NOSE 6.6 / TAIL 7 / WHEELBASE 15.5